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Contact Us


Biotics Research Canada

Box 283 Keswick Ontario L4P 3E2


Biotics Research Canad

38 Quiet Heights Lane

Keswick Ontairo L4P 3C8


Phone: 800-840-1676

Fax: 905-476-5227


Any of our Team may be reached by calling 800-840-1676

Caron DeVita – President Biotics Research Canada (mobile) 416-318-8871

Crystal Ayotte - Administration Manager ­800-840-1676

Jamie-Lynn Foster - Administration Assistant 800-840-1676

Simmi Latulippe -  Regional Sales Manager: Alberta, Winnipeg, Saskatchawan 403-609-7862

Dr. P.J. Azad -   Sales Ontario & Medical Advisor 647-567-8343

Kristen Hyacinthe - Health Food and Pharmacy Assistant 800-840-1676

Dianne Moon­~ Accounts Payable 800-840-1676

To place an order please call 800-840-1676 or email the order department.

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Welcome to Patients Visiting our Website,

While we encourage you to view our products and communicate with your physician about their application and benefits, we cannot ­­answer your questions on your specific illness,­ advise you on your medical­ condition­ or make suggestions­ for­ your clinical issues. ­Should you have questions­ related to dosages and effect, ­please­ consult the practitioner who prescribed our products as part of your program.­ If you would like information about a physician in your­ area­ who­ uses Biotics Research products, ­please­ email­­­ or ­call1-800-840-1676.

Thank you