Our Team

Caron DeVita, Founder

Caron DeVita LBA, BTA, is the President of Biotics Research Canada.

Caron trained in Germany at the New Life Centre, a 130 bed hospital for Alternative Medicine. She has also trained with Dr. Robert Greenberg DC in Biological Terrain Assessment and has evaluated over 6,000 BTA’s.

Other trainings include: Live and Dried Microscopy at American Biologics in California and Mexico, Autonomic Response Testing and Psycho Kinesiology with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD.

She has also trained in the area of Toxic Metals Identification and Detoxification and has lectured across Canada on the subject to both Doctors and patients alike. As an Analyst, Caron was so pleased with the results that Biotics Research products provided clinically, she decided to distribute Biotics Research Products in Canada exclusively. Email Caron for a product training.

Rob Lamberton ~ Functional Medicine Consultant BC (mobile) 778 227 4952

Crystal Ayotte ~ Administration Manager ­800 840 1676

Jamie-Lynn Foster ~ Administration Assistant 800 840 1676

Kristen Hyacinthe ~ Health Food and Pharmacy Assistant 800 840 1676

Dianne Moon ­~ Accounts Payable 800 840 1676