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Non-hydrolyzed naturally produced free-form amino acid gallbladder dysfunction cholesterol-to-bile acid conversion bile production elevated blood fats anxiety cardiac dysfunction edema cataracts atherosclerosis

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Quantity: 100 capsules

Description: Gallbladder dysfunction

Indications: Consider: gallbladder dysfunction (cholesterol-to-bile acid conversion), bile production, elevated blood fats, anxiety, cardiac dysfunction, edema, cataracts, and atherosclerosis.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 500 mg of nonhydrolyzed, naturally produced, free-form L-taurine.

Suggestion: 2 capsules daily with meals or as directed.

References: Research and additional information:

Azuma J, Sawamura A, Awata N, Ohta H, Hamaguchi T, Harada H, Takihara K, Hasegawa H, Yamagami T, Ishiyama T, et al. Therapeutic effect of taurine in congestive heart failure: a double-blind crossover trial. Clin Cardiol. 1985 May; 8( 5): 276-82

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