Bio-Multi Plus Iron & Copper Free 270T

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Multi-faceted synergist general preventative support

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Quantity: 270 tablets

Description: Multi Vitamin/Mineral Support

Notes on "Brain Inflammation" Dr. Alex Vasquez DC ND DO

Indications: Broad-spectrum multiple vitamin, mineral, vegetable culture trace element, amino acid, bioflavonoid formula in an antioxidant enzyme-rich vegetable culture base for long-term, general preventive support, and as a synergist for specific protocols

Ingredients: See Product Label below

Suggestion: For long-term prophylactic support 1 tablet twice daily with meals or as directed.

For short-term synergistic support with an issue-specific protocol 2 tablets 3 times daily with meals for 30 days, or as directed.

References: Independent research and additional information
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