Bio-CMP (Ca, Mg, K)

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Muscle menstrual cramping adrenal fatigue bursitis edema tendonitis radiation exposure food environmental sensitivity low salt diets systemic acidosis inflammation

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Description: Calcium Magnesium Potassium Support


Indications:  Consider muscle and menstrual cramping, adrenal fatigue, bursitis, edema, tendonitis, radiation exposure, food or environmental sensitivity, low salt diets, systemic acidosis, and inflammation. This product is iconsidered for "sympathetic dominance" HTMA profiles.

Ingredients: See Product Label below.

Suggestion: Dosage: 1-2 tablets three times daily before meals or as directed.

For acute cramping use 4 tablets immediately, then 3 tablets per hour for up to 4 hours.

Consider bursitis or tendonitis use 2 tablets per hour with E-Mulsion 200T and Bio-C PlusT at 1 each per hour.

References: Independent research and additional information
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