Chem-Sitive **NEW (ScentArest in the U.S.)

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Used for Multiple chemical sensitivities. Sensitivity to phenols and aldahydes.


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Description: Chem-Sitive (ScentArest in the U.S.)
For Chemical Sensitivities or chemical intolerance triggers such as: sulfites, phenolic compounds, aldehydes prostaglandines, histamine.

ScentArest (Chem-Sitive) Considerations

ScentArest/ Support for Chemical Intolerance

ScentArest Flyer

Use with Livotrit Plus for Phase 1 Detoxification or polymorphism in CYP2C19

Indications: Improves metabolism of xenobiotics compounds. For those who have "Chemical Sensitivities" and intolerance to wine.

Ingredients: See Product label.

Suggestion: See Label.

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