Bio-Detox Packs May help activate AMPK

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Quantity: 30 Pack

Description: Detox packs for 30 days. Antioxidants, Allergies.

Indications: AMPK is a master control mechanism for cellular energy homeostasis. It determines body fat composition and has a significant impact on mitochondrial biogenesis, the diabesity spectrum and life span extension in mice models. Convenient packets of multiple supplement products known to support Phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification, healthy digestive function and gastrointestinal health, and provides broad nutritional support for normal detoxification pathways.Each Pack contains:
2 tablets of A.D.P®
2 soft gels of Optimal EFAs®
1 capsule of Bromelain Plus CLA
4 capsules of a combination of Beta-TCP, Livotrit Plus®, BioProtect and MCS-Canada

Ingredients: See Product Label below.

Suggestion: Take one (1) packet each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Safety: Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

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