Gammonol Forte 90T

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Supplies FRAC and Gamma Oryzanol For healthy support of Growth Hormone production

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Categories: Anti-Aging, Athletic, Brain-Support, Cellular-Metabolism, Depression, Emotional-Support, Female-Support, Male-Support, Memory-Support, Sleep

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Quantity: 90 tablets

Description: Supplies FRAC and Gamma Oryzanol, providing free all natural ferulic acid with a complex mixture of polyphenolics, including free sterols and triterpenoids. Consider Support forhealthy growth hormone production and offers significant free-radical scavenging properties as well. (Healthy Sleep)

Indications: Consider for healthy support of Growth Hormone production

Ingredients: Frac from Rice (free transferluic Acid) 50 mg, and free sterols prepared from natural plant sources through fractionation process. Gamma Oryzanol (from rice) 25 mg.

Suggestion: One (1) tablet three (3) times each day with or without food.

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