Super Phosphozyme Liquid

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Organic phosphorus RNA parasympathetic dominance reduced circulation cramping nausea calcium-phosphorus balance  calcium predominance digestive distress excess HCl production elevated RBC HBG HCT blood stasis excessive secretions thyroid hypo-function bradycardia  blood thinner


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Item Code: 1734

Quantity: 2 fl. oz. (59.15 ml)

Description: For parasympathetic dominance

Indications: For parasympathetic dominance, reduced circulation, cramping, nausea, calcium-phosphorus balance, digestive distress from excess HCl production, and elevated RBC, HBG, or HCT as in blood stasis; excessive secretions, thyroid hypofunction, bradycardia, also used as a blood thinner.

Ingredients: Liquid nutritional phosphorus from orthophosphoric acid (40 mg per 30 drops)

Suggestion: 30 drops daily with meals or as directed.

Safety: Use with caution if using blood thinners

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