What Sets Us Apart


What Sets Us Apart


Emulsified Fat Soluble Nutrient and Botanical Extracts

After extensive literature searches and review, Biotics focused its research resources on developing an improved delivery method for oily nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, Oregano Oil and Curcumin. The result was true oil-in-water emulsions of fat-soluble nutrients. While it was true that other emulsions were available in the market, they were poorly prepared resulting in little or no advantages in uptake over standard oily preparations. Biotics emulsions are distinguishable by direct examination under a microscope. The smaller and more uniform particle size in the Biotics emulsions are clearly visible under microscopic examination. Particle dispersal is accomplished by non-detergent means—this allows for increased safety without increasing gut permeability, as is often seen with micellized preparations. Our research on the subject was presented to the American Society for Clinical Nutrition and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Our emulsified nutrients represent a more cost-effective means of delivering nutrients than micellized, dry, or oily preparations. Biotics Research also developed a drying process whereby the liquid emulsion can be added to tablets, capsules and powders in a dry form. This process increases stability and convenience, while still delivering increased uptake of fat-soluble nutrients. This was proven by a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that measured the blood uptake of coenzyme Q10 after ingestion of supplements containing powdered CoQ-10, or the emulsified form (as CoQ-Zyme Forte tablets) at a dose of 30 mg daily. The emulsified CoQ-10 tablets were shown to double blood levels, a feat not accomplished until 90 mg of powdered CoQ was ingested. Again, these results were presented in peer-reviewed scientific publications.

We should note here that Biotics Research Corporation introduced Coenzyme Q10 to the North American healthcare market. Our research into this amazing nutrient opened our eyes to its many benefits. We knew we had to make it available; but at the time, coenzyme Q10 was not available as a raw material. The only way we were going to be able to provide it was to produce it ourselves, which we did! We extracted it from bovine heart muscle, the richest natural source of CoQ-10. It took 4,000 pounds of tissue to yield one kilogram of CoQ-10.

Getting back to emulsified nutrients, it is important to understand they are safely and more completely absorbed by people with gastrointestinal disorders and those with compromised digestion and absorption. Lower doses of emulsified nutrients are able to be used, resulting in greater compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Emulsified vitamins are absorbed into the lymphatic system, rather than the portal system (as when fat-soluble nutrients are micellized). The lymphatic system normally handles fat absorption, and feeds the immune system directly. Also, emulsions are found in mother’s milk, nuts and seeds. It is Natures way of storing fat and fat-soluble nutrients in our unrefined foodstuffs. Emulsions from Biotics Research, are a perfect example of "The Best of Science and Nature".